5 Body Fluids Kinks that are Weird and… Gross?

If you are a smut addict and you never say no to experimenting with porn sites, probably nothing can surprise you anymore. There is vanilla stuff, slightly kinky acts like footjobs and rimjobs, and then there’s this – creative ways to use your body fluids. You know, normal people just need beautiful sex shows on sites like CamStreams to get turned on, but some folks are more exteme. Let’s see what some couples like to do in bed!

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Sneaky Kelly – the least gross on the list  

Do you want your partner to smell like your vaginal fluids? There are chicks who smear their lovers’ bodies with their vaginal secretions, which some will find sexy, and others just disgusting. But to be fair, if we have already accepted facials and cumshots as something sexy, this definitely isn’t the weirdest and worst thing on the list.  

Golden shower – slightly less gross than the next three phenomena

This entry is interesting because it is about piss. More precisely, about lovers who piss on their fuck mates. There are many porn sites where this is a distinctive category, and you may even find these kinks on OnlyFans and similar apps, where trollops earn money doing more or less filthy things. Many fappers agree to this and many couples try golden showers. Even though some may find it repulsive, we still get why certain sex partners do it. After all, you mark your territory in a way, and it’s so empowering. 

Bukkake – gross, but still acceptable, and sexy 

The list intensifies and we are now talking about dirtier and nastier acts. Have you heard of bukkake? Another very kinky and weird act, where one person receives multiple cumshots after a gangbang. For the most part, a girl is on her knees, waiting to have her face covered with jizz, lots and lots of it. This is still ok because it is consensual, and the women actually enjoy being sluttified that way. With so many fetishes out there, this is still not the strangest thing to see in porn.

Rainbow kiss – the second place for the grossest thing

We are close to reaching the weirdest entry, but this penultimate one still isn’t the jackpot. Rainbow kiss is when a girl’s sex partner pleases her orally, but during the time she is still on her period. Basically, you suck a bloody pussy, and you lick that blood as well. Sounds tempting? Probably not to most of you! Have you ever tried it? It’s not something most people find enticing, and it’s definitely not for the squeamish.  

Bukmonsters – fucked-up shit that is too damn weird 

Ok, this is our final and the worst entry! It’s the grossest and weirdest one! Why, you want to know? This is actually more common in Japan. Some Japanese perverts fap in public, and before they are ready to explode, they find a victim to cream. These women are not even aware of anything, they just get jizzed at one point and they are left in shock and appallment. Basically, some sick fuck cums on your face or a part of your body, and you didn’t even ask for it!

Now you now how different fappers and fuck buddies like to spend their time when they get naked. Are you shocked to hear all these things? You probably knew about some of these kinks, but did you know about all of them? Which one do you find the weirdest and kinkiest? Have you tried some of them? This is definitely not for everyone, but you do whatever gets you going.