3 Best OnlyFans Profiles to Check Out

Platforms like OnlyFans have caused a massive shift in the way we consume adult entertainment. Instead of watching scripted videos and photos, we can now enjoy the tailored content models post. They aren’t limited by production houses, instead, their only limit is their imagination, and the viewers love that.

That being said, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars per month on OnlyFans subscriptions. To help you filter out the models worth checking out, here are there profiles you just can’t miss out on. And among them is the best free OnlyFans profile, too, so read on.

Dana Dearmond

One of the platform’s best-performing profiles, Dana Dearmond is a real stunner. She’s pretty, she’s hot, and she’s one of the most engaging creators on the platform you’ll ever come across. This busty beauty has a really nice selection of nude photos and videos on her platform, but that’s not the main reason you want to subscribe.

Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

That honor goes to the fact that Dana Dearmon has one goal – get personal with every subscriber who’s paying her OnlyFans monthly fee. And even though there are far too many of them, she’s doing a great job. From one-on-one conversations to things like tailored content for you, she really knows how to make that subscription worth it for you. When you factor in that her subscription only costs you $6.99 per month, getting the “girlfriend experience” for that much is cheap, to say the least.


Lexy Panterra

We promised the best free profile, and that honor goes to Lexy Panterra. The extremely popular dancer, singer, and songwriter has a free profile that she uses as a marketing channel. Unfortunately, no, you won’t find any of Lexy’s nudes here (which is a shame, because she’s incredibly hot), but instead, you’ll find some of the sexiest dance moves you’ll ever get to witness. This alone should be enough for you to subscribe – and in case we didn’t mention this enough, it’s free!

This does beg the question, how does she make money from OnlyFans, and the answer is – she doesn’t. At least not directly. She promotes her paid work on her profile, which basically means she gets free advertising, and for Lexy, that’s more than enough. Fans love her, so it’s good for them, too – everyone wins.

Nicole Aniston

When you have one of the world’s feistiest porn stars on OnlyFans, it only makes sense for her to show up on a list like this. Nicole Aniston is the go-to porn star for people who frequent the MILF category, and for good reason. She’s sexy, she’s got big boobs, and she knows how to post content that’s going to make you go crazy.

With that in mind, her OnlyFans profile is slightly different than her professional content. Here, you’ll find homemade content such as shower shows, sex training videos, and a vast variety of photos and videos Nicole has shot for her fans. To add to this, there is the content she posts when she’s live, shooting for big production houses, and the icing on the cake – her homemade videos, shot with her boyfriend.

When you combine the fact that Nicole Aniston is one of the hottest women out there, with the fact that you can get incredible content when she’s relaxed and enjoying herself, subscribing is well worth it.