5 Body Fluids Kinks that are Weird and… Gross?

If you are a smut addict and you never say no to experimenting with porn sites, probably nothing can surprise you anymore. There is vanilla stuff, slightly kinky acts like footjobs and rimjobs, and then there’s this – creative ways to use your body fluids. You know, normal people just need beautiful sex shows on sites like CamStreams to get turned on, but some folks are more exteme. Let’s see what some couples like to do in bed!

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Sneaky Kelly – the least gross on the list  

Do you want your partner to smell like your vaginal fluids? There are chicks who smear their lovers’ bodies with their vaginal secretions, which some will find sexy, and others just disgusting. But to be fair, if we have already accepted facials and cumshots as something sexy, this definitely isn’t the weirdest and worst thing on the list.  

Golden shower – slightly less gross than the next three phenomena

This entry is interesting because it is about piss. More precisely, about lovers who piss on their fuck mates. There are many porn sites where this is a distinctive category, and you may even find these kinks on OnlyFans and similar apps, where trollops earn money doing more or less filthy things. Many fappers agree to this and many couples try golden showers. Even though some may find it repulsive, we still get why certain sex partners do it. After all, you mark your territory in a way, and it’s so empowering. 

Bukkake – gross, but still acceptable, and sexy 

The list intensifies and we are now talking about dirtier and nastier acts. Have you heard of bukkake? Another very kinky and weird act, where one person receives multiple cumshots after a gangbang. For the most part, a girl is on her knees, waiting to have her face covered with jizz, lots and lots of it. This is still ok because it is consensual, and the women actually enjoy being sluttified that way. With so many fetishes out there, this is still not the strangest thing to see in porn.

Rainbow kiss – the second place for the grossest thing

We are close to reaching the weirdest entry, but this penultimate one still isn’t the jackpot. Rainbow kiss is when a girl’s sex partner pleases her orally, but during the time she is still on her period. Basically, you suck a bloody pussy, and you lick that blood as well. Sounds tempting? Probably not to most of you! Have you ever tried it? It’s not something most people find enticing, and it’s definitely not for the squeamish.  

Bukmonsters – fucked-up shit that is too damn weird 

Ok, this is our final and the worst entry! It’s the grossest and weirdest one! Why, you want to know? This is actually more common in Japan. Some Japanese perverts fap in public, and before they are ready to explode, they find a victim to cream. These women are not even aware of anything, they just get jizzed at one point and they are left in shock and appallment. Basically, some sick fuck cums on your face or a part of your body, and you didn’t even ask for it!

Now you now how different fappers and fuck buddies like to spend their time when they get naked. Are you shocked to hear all these things? You probably knew about some of these kinks, but did you know about all of them? Which one do you find the weirdest and kinkiest? Have you tried some of them? This is definitely not for everyone, but you do whatever gets you going. 

Cams.com Review

Quick Summary

  • About 25,000 performers on the site, with about 500-1000 available at any given time
  • Nice, straightforward, and relatively clean design and layout
  • Some of the models get stroppy when you ask them to do unusual stuff!
  • Unless you’re spending a LOT of time and money on the site, the upgrade features (premium membership and joining fan clubs) aren’t worth it.
  • The price varies from model to model but we’ve seen prices as low as $1.49 per minute up to $5.99 per minute with a site average of around $2.99 per minute. This is a very competitive price compared to a lot of site available on the market today and with hundreds of models charging as low as $1.99 you will be in for a great time.

All in all Cams.com is a good quality webcam website with all the features you could imagine the only other webcam site that even compares is Wowfreecam.com

My experience

After hearing for a while about this site I thought it’d be a good idea to do a review of it, to give you guys some idea of what you can expect should you sign up.
The design is a lot cleaner than some other sites, this is an image of their homepage. That’s at least partially reflective of the more straightforward nature of the site’s offerings, which are:
Camgirls doing and saying stuff that you ask them to for money

2) Watching prerecorded camgirl shows
3) Having cam 2 cam with the models
Like most similar sites, cams.com offers a free “teaser” camgirl chat to people. You just have to supply them with your email address and confirm it (expect to receive some follow-up marketing emails). Also be aware when you’re chatting to models that the girls can see how much credit you have in your account and whether or not you belong to her “fan club” (it costs extra to join a girl’s fan club, but you receive a discount on her private shows – full details in this image.) Additionally, if you buy more than 30 minutes worth of private shows over the course of a month, you get free access to a girl’s fan club, or an extra month on one you already belong to.
Cams.com also has a “premiere” account–basically a “gold member” type deal that provides further discounts on shows and allows you to have email contact with the models. You can see a screenshot of the signup page for that listing the features and benefits here. My call would be that unless you get REALLY hooked on cams in general or a particular camgirl specifically, the upsell options aren’t worth the cash you’d save.
Well, enough about the options and mechanics. Time to answer the questions you’re really asking.

Are the girls hot?

Well, yeah. I mean, for any definition of “hot” you might subscribe to, with 25,000 models on the site and about 500-1000 available at any given time, if you can’t find one you think is attractive the problem is probably not with the site.
Are the prerecorded shows any good?
I had a look at the top-rated video show at the time of the review, this one here. This is what it looked like in full-screen resolution. The girl was certainly very attractive (face and body), as well as being, uh, eager to please (she accidentally the whole dildo!) I did find the sound a bit jerky, but that may just have been my connection, as the video was streaming (Flash).
I noticed that her accent was Eastern European, something you’ll find with a lot of the camgirls for reasons beyond the scope of this review. Which brings me to a point that might be worth making – a lot of the models will have limited English, even if they SAY they speak it. If this matters to you (and keeping it real – it probably doesn’t) be sure to check out their profiles before paying for a show; they’ll usually give you an idea of where the model is from, which should inform your expectations.
Another thing about the prerecorded shows is that there’s no option to save them, and paying to see one only gives you a single streamed viewing. If you want to record them yourself to re-watch at your leisure you’ll have to find a 3rd party solution–perhaps a browser plugin or standalone session-recording application.


When you ask them to jump, do they say “how high?

Some of the models are picky about what they’ll do or not do on camera. It’s pretty common for them to refuse anal, DP, watersports, etcetera, or to charge a premium for such services. For example, the girl in the prerecorded show mentioned above states that there’s certain acts she’ll only perform for guys who join her fan club. To get a feel for how generally complicit the models are on the site, I thought I’d masquerade as a guy with a slightly unusual fetish and see how many of them I could get to go along with it.
I figured I wouldn’t choose anything too bizarre or disgusting. I settled on just asking to see the performer place a shoe on her head. At $2 a minute, it doesn’t seem like some big huge thing to ask for, right? WRONG. I got turned down by FOUR girls consecutively until a BBW angel gave me what I was asking for. Very disappointing. And what reasons did they give for turning down my entirely reasonable request?

  • Aliciasforms figured she could do better out of one of the other guys pestering her (reasonable?)
  • The inappropriately-namedMistressKinks decided playing with her hair and ignoring me was way more awesome than getting paid.
  • Morticia decided she was too much of a big bad dominatrix to do anything so demeaning as putting a shoe on her head. Though she at least had the good grace to laugh hysterically when I asked her if she would.
  • Oxygen thought she could do better out of one of the other guys (reasonable redux?)

Parting shots

The other way around

If you are into getting dominated by hot mistresses, that’s a good place to do it, they have plenty of them. And with the cam 2 cam feature, they can make you strip for them. Err, anyway if you don’t like to play role of a victim, just go for the normal mode.

So what was my overall impression of cams.com?

You get what you pay for. If you’re responsible with your spending, it’s certainly a cut or seven above the usual “jerking it to a porn movie” Friday night finger-shuffle.

Conclusion: Very Good Site

Sizzling Hentai porn on Free Hentai Stream

Hentai porn originates from the Land of the Rising Sun. Although the word brings a negative connotation in Eastern Asia, usually depicting devious sexual behavior, this genre of Japanese Manga has been bringing sexual arousal to hard-working people, helping them unwind and explore their sexuality. As one group of people uses Hentai to express their artistic side skillfully combined with the most dazzling babes in the world, others see it as a never-ending source of sexy fun.

Lots of XXX websites realized the popularity of Anime Porn and engaged in creating massive collections of sex videos praising insatiable sluts fucking every dick that comes their way. The naughty assemblages come from various partner websites. Dozens of accumulated adult videos explore all kinds of porn categories, ranging from dark fantasy and dominatrix sex to pussy-craving monsters with enormous tentacles fucking cute tarts.

Free Hentai Stream is there to treat the fans with high-quality Japanese porn free of charge. The content is sorted out into uncensored, subbed, and censored sections. When it comes to the genres, they are neatly organized by alphabetical order, helping you narrow down your search. Kinky-inclined porn lovers won’t be disappointed - anything from crude gangbangs to impregnation and lactation sex scenes are there to stiffen up your dick.

Another noteworthy fact is that the homepage lets you pick between the Latest, Top Rated or Top Viewed XXX clips. Each video has info such as the upload date, the number of views, and a list of included tags. You can always check out a brief summary and decide if this is your cup of tea. The Hentai Series menu opens a stunning list of all included series you get to watch on Free Hentai Series. What makes the content so alluring is the perfect combo between sensational artistry, vivid colors, and high-quality resolution.

When you finally explore the sublime content and satisfy all of your kinkiest desires, go ahead and read the latest porn news. If you come to love the Hentai genre, you might get interested in trying out a couple of games. Free Hentai Stream has it covered - read the games reviews, find out the gameplays in detail and add even more fun to your lonely nights. Since music and sounds are a significant part of every Anime Porn, there are a number of Hentai-inspired music videos on Youtube, and here you’ll get the necessary link. 

Stunning collection of porn on Hentai Videos

Hentai porn originates from Japan, going through different stages of acceptance throughout history. There are a couple of translations of the word Hentai, but it usually describes strange or peculiar kinks under the sheets. As Japanese people continue raising their brows, seeing Hentai as a kind of perverted art praising odd sexual inclinations, the Western world has embraced it all together. Hentai Videos grab the attention of millions of people worldwide, creating vast communities where like-minded individuals share their views on their favorite series.

The staggering success behind Hentai porn art comes from well-developed characters, intricate scenarios, and heavenly animations. Simply put, there are fewer laws of physics to worry about - narrow orifices of horny sluts welcome numerous dicks without any issues, screwing in every position known to mankind. The taboo aspect of Hentai porn adds even more excitement, and we all know the forbidden fruit tastes way better. The Anime series will make you wonder what the next chapter will bring, and the sexy vixens shall blow your mind with their stellar fucking talent.

Dive into the world of Uncensored Hentai porn, or opt-out for censored and subbed videos. The Featured series section is at the palm of your hand for free, and you’ll have the info about the number of episodes beforehand. The Latest episodes are also there to help you meet the new characters, listen to new music and watch fresh sex scenes. The genres are organized in alphabetical order, counting dozens upon dozens of different kinks. Anything from the masters of martial arts showing their wild side to mother-daughter sexy shenanigans is there to lighten up your mood. The amazing popularity of Hentai porn comes from unrealistic scenarios, where undead creatures get horny, and vampires choose to suck pussy juices instead of blood.

The Hentai news menu covers all sorts of topics. Namely, the articles sometimes discuss the top 10 Hentai porn movies but often describe Japanese and Hentai culture, providing you with exciting and fun facts about Hentai history. All of the most popular Series get an article in the Porn Reviews section, describing the featured characters in detail as well as to what kind of action to expect there. Another terrific option presented to you for free is the image galleries. There are plenty of photos to choose from. Take a look at the slideshows and download the most compelling ones.

When trans have sex with gays

Who’s ready for some tranny Getting fucked by Gay man porn at transtube4u.com? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess if you’re reading this, you want to see some chicks with dicks… sucking other dicks.

Transtube4u.com looks a lot like every other free porn tube. Load up the main page and you get a huge wall of pornography. The site uses the endless scroll style, so instead of reaching the end of the page and clicking next, the page just grows as you scroll. Clicking a screencap brings you to a video.

Do you know what’s fucking weird? If you just look at that endless scroll of porn, only about half of it is obviously shemale porn from the screengrabs. I know if I click through, those broads are gonna be packing serious schlong, but a lot of the caps look like straight porn. I see a ton of huge tits, blowjobs, and feminine faces drenched in semen.

I’m going to be honest with you. I was mildly hungover when I started reviewing lecoindgay.com. I forgot it was a Gay site for a second when I clicked this Dark-haired White Man at the top of the front page. His name was Patty, and her mouth was full of cock.

Where would the world be without gay pornography? Okay, many of us would be just fine, but surely you'd feel a little upset for those that desire a daily dose of man on man action. If you're looking for free gay porn websites that promote this type of sex online, look no further than "lecoindgay.com".

You'll find that there's plenty of homosexual porn to go around and while i am not interested in gay entertainment, I'm still able to tell you a few things of note. I’ve got something for everyone, and I do not discriminate against any sexual preference or fetish. You’ll notice I’ve got things on here for any sexy interest, and who would I be to withhold my talented smut gazing eye and discernment from any group of people?

3 Best OnlyFans Profiles to Check Out

Platforms like OnlyFans have caused a massive shift in the way we consume adult entertainment. Instead of watching scripted videos and photos, we can now enjoy the tailored content models post. They aren’t limited by production houses, instead, their only limit is their imagination, and the viewers love that.

That being said, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars per month on OnlyFans subscriptions. To help you filter out the models worth checking out, here are there profiles you just can’t miss out on. And among them is the best free OnlyFans profile, too, so read on.

Dana Dearmond

One of the platform’s best-performing profiles, Dana Dearmond is a real stunner. She’s pretty, she’s hot, and she’s one of the most engaging creators on the platform you’ll ever come across. This busty beauty has a really nice selection of nude photos and videos on her platform, but that’s not the main reason you want to subscribe.

Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

That honor goes to the fact that Dana Dearmon has one goal – get personal with every subscriber who’s paying her OnlyFans monthly fee. And even though there are far too many of them, she’s doing a great job. From one-on-one conversations to things like tailored content for you, she really knows how to make that subscription worth it for you. When you factor in that her subscription only costs you $6.99 per month, getting the “girlfriend experience” for that much is cheap, to say the least.


Lexy Panterra

We promised the best free profile, and that honor goes to Lexy Panterra. The extremely popular dancer, singer, and songwriter has a free profile that she uses as a marketing channel. Unfortunately, no, you won’t find any of Lexy’s nudes here (which is a shame, because she’s incredibly hot), but instead, you’ll find some of the sexiest dance moves you’ll ever get to witness. This alone should be enough for you to subscribe – and in case we didn’t mention this enough, it’s free!

This does beg the question, how does she make money from OnlyFans, and the answer is – she doesn’t. At least not directly. She promotes her paid work on her profile, which basically means she gets free advertising, and for Lexy, that’s more than enough. Fans love her, so it’s good for them, too – everyone wins.

Nicole Aniston

When you have one of the world’s feistiest porn stars on OnlyFans, it only makes sense for her to show up on a list like this. Nicole Aniston is the go-to porn star for people who frequent the MILF category, and for good reason. She’s sexy, she’s got big boobs, and she knows how to post content that’s going to make you go crazy.

With that in mind, her OnlyFans profile is slightly different than her professional content. Here, you’ll find homemade content such as shower shows, sex training videos, and a vast variety of photos and videos Nicole has shot for her fans. To add to this, there is the content she posts when she’s live, shooting for big production houses, and the icing on the cake – her homemade videos, shot with her boyfriend.

When you combine the fact that Nicole Aniston is one of the hottest women out there, with the fact that you can get incredible content when she’s relaxed and enjoying herself, subscribing is well worth it.